Recently, some of our readers reported that they were unable to debug the 5554 device emulator.

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    Open SDK Manager and download Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM installer) if not required.Now navigate to the SDK directory site (generally C: users username AppData Local Android sdk).Also restart Android Studio and then try restarting AVD.

    Does anyone fully understand these error messages in Android Studio?

    How do I authorize my emulator?

    Uninstall all my emulators using Google Play.Create an emulator for beginners without google play.Now when you start the emulator, you will no longer see the permission question.

    I tried to open android device monitor using virtual deviceAndroid device (Nexus5, API 26) to see the hierarchical view of a specific sample application, but I cannot read the hierarchical view due to the new error below.

      [2017-08-27 07:56:31 - Hierarchy Viewer] Unable to get server plan from device emulator-5554[2017-08-27 07:56:31 ~ Hierarchy Viewer] Unable to get server log translation from device emulator-5554[2017-08-27 07:56:31 - ViewServerDevice] The device could not be debugged: Nexus_5_API_26 [emulator-5554][2017-08-27 07:56:32, Hierarchy Viewer] Forwarded port is missing on emulator-5554[2017-08-27 07:56:32 - Hierarchy Viewer] Target window could not be retrieved from device emulator-5554 

    I am faced with a dilemma like this: [emulator-5554 is not allowed for adb devices [1]

    Basically I’m trying to do flutter programming from our Windows 10 on a virtual Android device … although I don’t think the following issue is flutter specific.

      flutter, pharmacist or doctor -v 
      [!] Connected device device• Emulator-5554 is not allowed.  You may need aI confirm my device in the confirmation dialog. 

    How do I fix installation failed due to device emulator 5554 not found?

    Start it up again. (just try running it again).Project-> Clear (clear the forecast and all projects that it depends on).Right click on the project in the current explorer and close it. Then near the Eclipse.As in the previous period, more Project-> Clean up.Reboot AVD.Remove AVD.

      floating devices 

    unable to debug device emulator-5554

      Device not recognized.Launch "flat emulators" from the list and launch all available gadget emulators. 
      flutter emulators 
      1 emulator:Nexus_5X_API_28To use the emulator, run "flat emulators --take off ".To create a young emulator, run the emulators 'flatter --create [--name xyz]'. 

    Over the course of several days, I’ve tried almost everything in the post above. I researched this but couldn’t find anything here that could actually solve my new problem: Problem I just tried to uninstall the AVD and make a new one; I tried to delete them a couple of adbkey files; I have already tried stopping and restarting the ADB server; I’ve tried toggling USB debug / debug mode on and off; I tried erasing the data and then starting the AVD in cold mode; I’ve tried updating SDK tools ….. there isI have tried all of this over and over for several days and so far with no success. I wonder what I’m here sddid it wrong …

    Someone here can give me some good advice. Thanks in advance !

    unable to debug device emulator-5554

    Note. I created my On avd Android Studio. I have Doctor Run Flatter available on the command line. I don’t know if it has something to do with where he went.

    Android Hierarchy Viewer cannot integrate solution

    Sometimes the simulator is probably open, the device can be read in the DDMS device and the entire debug status can be viewed, on the contrary, the process information is not disclosed, and instead a hierarchical view is available.

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    -hierarchyviewer] The server log version cannot be viewed with the instrument-5554 emulator.
    -ViewServerDevice] Failed to permanently debug device: emulator-5554
    -hierarchyviewer] Missing forwarded port for emulator-5554

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    How do I remove a device from ADB emulator?

    Restart adb by running adb kill-server command adb start-server starts from critical command line.Disable and re-enable USB debugging on your phone.Restart your phone if it still doesn’t work.

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    Easiest Way To Troubleshoot Emulator-5554 Device Debug Problems
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