Last week some of our users ran into a Speedmod core error code. This problem occurs due to several factors. Let’s discuss it now.

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    Hi guys. This core strives to be fast, consistent and stable, combined with good battery life. This will make our Galaxy S what it should be.

    This kernel targets International Galaxy S (I9000) and Bell Mobility (I9000M)

    An animated SpeedMod core based on AT&T Captivate is available in this article:

    Note. Only offsets using EXT4 can be persistent. Other lag fixes involve the real risk of data loss during freezes, possibly a hardware restart or sudden power failure.

    ATTENTION! Before evaluating the lagfix, make sure you have enough free space on your internal SD card. Unlike dbdata + cache data combined, you should at least create more free storage space.

    Latest K13E – (Apr 12) Voodoo Sound v7. Fixes causing out of memory. Exposure screen sharpening due to processing in AMOLED mode by MDNIE program. Voice support for headphone calls.

    You can find more strategies and downloads here

    >>> If If you have some basic questions, read the FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions first!

    – Compiled with Codesourcery 2010.09: Faster and More Battery Efficient
    – only works correctly when running Tiny RCU, thanks to Paul McKenny
    – Better yet: removed kernel debug logging to allow Android
    – Latest version of all my updated forks Universal Lagfix with really improved stability
    – Fully compatible with Android 2.2.1 ROM

    – Based on Android.2.1 JPX kernel source 2
    – Works on all popular two or three firmwares froyo.2 and 2.2.1 combined with custom firmwares
    – 340 MB of RAM
    – Improved inclusion of sztupys Universal Lagfix
    – Contains Neldars BackLightNotification 2.3 from
    – Sharpness (AMOLED mode) and color correction due to the screen
    – SpeedMod: core replaces jhash2 when it comes to jhash3
    – Contains my download settings obtained from
    – Adjusted Kernel HZ to improve softness

    – By default uses the BFQ I / O scheduler from .

    – Current Ext4 code in the kernel
    – Tiny RCU works great to improve speed and efficiency…it;h=9b1d82fa1611706fa7ee1505f290160a18caf95d
    – Lowmemorykiller fixed for compatibility with Tiny From rcu…ff;h=5545554aac04918ece318270d63cbfcb015577a9
    – Indicators are optimized for the compiler: -mcpu = cortex-a8 -mfpu = neon -mfloat-abi = softfp

    This kernel is based on sztupy’s Universal Lagfix: Lagfix and root solutions are available at startup in the recovery section of the menu.

    For the best price, it is recommended to restore all settings from the menu. Settings can be found under SpeedMod Features. Settings info:

    ** FIMC0 / 2 = Videos below and 720P should not work
    ## MFC0 / 1 = Below and even 720P video playback does not work
    * # PMEM / PMEM_GPU1 / JPEG = Adapted from Standard for Galaxy Tab Suggestions
    ^^ TEXTREAM = Too small spaces for 3G video calls work

    THANKS: Many thanks to sztupy for your partner’s ULFK VM and kernel compiler, lastufo for testing compiler optimizations, ykk_five for testing memory configurations and others who gave ideas or helpcity ​​

    ATTENTION! If someone is using a custom launch animation, targets like One Click Lag Fix will not work because they will disable your current playlogos1 jailbreak scenario.

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    Files with -CWM disabled are ready to flash with Clockwork Recovery.
    These other zip files will surely be flashed with ODIN.

    >>> Click here to download USB support permanently. The latest versions of SpeedMod are not looking for cures. The fix is ​​to use K12E or earlier with ROM 2.2. It fixes an internal problem when SD is mounted as the best read-only drive on a PC or when you suspect an external SD is not mounted.

    >>> If you have any questions, please read the FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions first!

    – International Galaxy S (GT-I9000) and Bell Mobility Vibrant (GT-I9000M)
    – AT&T Captivate (SGH-I897)

    Screen and other optimizations:
    – Adjusts the sharpness of the MDNIE display (improves readability of instructions)
    – Oversaturation of MDNIE color matching (decreases with color)
    – Reduced brightness towards low light (S2 only)
    – support for data protection init.d, TUN, CIFS, IPv6

    – CPU Governor Optimization: Improving I / O Response Time
    – Optimization
    – Check out the improvements in advance
    – Update for jhash3
    – Compiled with optimizations using the whole new Linaro GCC 4.5 toolchain
    – Change SLAB instead of SLUB (S2 only)
    – ext4 filesystem conversion delay (SGS only)

    Excellent balance of battery power and lifespan by disabling unnecessary logging:
    – Android Debug Logger / logcat disabled
    – Kernel debugging disabled (S2 only)
    – Samsung Debugging Disabled (S2 only)
    – Various options for starting tracing and debugging are disabled

    speedmod kernel

    SpeedMod core is definitely a faster, more stable and efficient (with good lifespan) alternative Android kernel for Samsung Galaxy S, S2 and Note, compatible with Samsung standard ROMs.

    This makes our Samsung Galaxy faster than it should be! It is also full of cool new features.

    • Click here to install the SpeedMod engine

    – Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000)
    – Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100)
    – Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000)

    SpeedMod Froyo core (more maintenance time) available forI models when:

    – Voice calls: audio is played through a standard stereo headset and microphone for calling

    – Voice calls: increased handset volume and optimized microphone stand gain to reduce distortion
    – Recordings: Microphone gain stopped to remove audio distortion from video recordings

    speedmod kernel

    – Sharpening: Exit AMOLED when processing MDNIE
    – Excellent clarity of text content: eliminating oversharp screen

    – Extra cozy and cool color grading for too bluish brown images

    – Supports ext2 / ext3 pro ext4 / ext4nj / jfs patches (ext4 only recommended)

    – Android debug log is disabled (can be re-enabled in settings)
    – Jhash2 core replaced with jhash3

    – Battery charge request rate reduced from 5 to 60 seconds

    – baseline HZ adjusted for smoother
    (500 or 250 Hz for a full division of 1000 ms)

    – Automatic brightness control if the screen needs to be darkened longer time in automatic low light conditions
    – Adjusted to make the screen brighter faster in bright light

    (saves battery power and provides more stable lighting)
    – Auto brightness “Dark Mode” will be disabled / enabled via the recovery menu

    -Ext4 code in updated kernel
    – Small RCU patch works correctly for more speed in addition to efficiency
    – Lowmemorykiler updated from Android git

    Various functions

    Improve the speed and performance of your computer today by downloading this software - it will fix your PC problems.

    Noyau Speedmod
    Yadro Speedmod
    Speedmod Karna
    Kernel Speedmod
    Kernel Speedmod
    Kernel Speedmod
    스피드모드 커널
    Speedmod Kernel
    Jadro Speedmod
    Speedmod Kernel

    How To Solve Speedmod Core?
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