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    I circulated here last month as I am working on a school project by the end of the month asking for help (which I really appreciate for helping you ideal people). Anyway, the error is:

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    GuiDialog (QWidget * parent = 0);
    GuiDialog (QWidget *, GameModel *);
    ~ GuiDialog ();
    public slots:
    void updateCard (int, newScore (int);
    void int);
    void endGame ();
    void playerWon ();
    void DealerWon ();
    Blank tie ();
    invalid updatePlayerThirdCard ();
    void updateDealerThirdCard ();
    GameModel * model;
    User interface :: GuiDialog * user interface;
    QLabel * playerCards, * diverCards, * displayWinner;
    QPushButton * betButton;
    QLCDNumber * number;
    whole score;

    / ********************************************* ****
    / * This class is for implementing changes
    / * happens with a GUI like when updating
    / * our maps are displayed
    / *********************************************** * /

    qt error c2512

    GuiDialog :: GuiDialog (QWidget * parent): QDialog (parent), ui (new Ui :: GuiDialog) // <---- error leads me positively to this line ui-> setupUi (this);

      QSpinBox * spinBox = new QSpinBox;QSlider * slider = new QSlider (Qt :: Horizontal);spinBox-> setRange (0, 100,000);Cursor -> setRange (0, 100,000);QObject :: connect (spinBox, SIGNAL (valueChanged (int)),                 Cursor, SLOT (setValue (int)));QObject :: connect (cursor, SIGNAL (valueChanged (int)),                 spinBox, SLOT (setValue (int)));/ ** / @ 

    I have looked for help on the Qt project forums and googled for solutions. Unfortunately I may not be able to find anything here using Google, I just showed me the results with C ++ and not programs with Qt. I understand that the compiler doesn’t actually read my default constructor. Is this the real reason it refuses to compile, but I thought the first choice in GuiDialog.cpp (where the error asks me) was the default constructor? Of course, I barely learn this and just copied the format from the new “MainWindow” project inward in the hope that it would work. But other than that, I really want to know what is the constructor that the first product lines of my GuiDialog.cpp don’t set as the default constructor as I assumed?

    ‘username’: no ​​suitable constructor for criminal activity

    Default constructor, The huge constructor that takes no arguments may not be available for this class, or even for the union structure. The compiler has a default constructor only if multiple custom constructors are provided.

    qt error c2512

    If you provide a large constructor that takes a non-empty parameter, even if you want to allow the creation of that class with parameters that are not part of your lifetime parameters (for example, as part of an array), you often need a default constructor. An unsuccessful constructor can be a constructor due to the default values ​​of all parameters.


    A common cause of error C2512 is whenever you define a constructor for a class or structure that takes arguments and then tries to script your class or structure with no arguments. For example, the struct B below declares a constructor that requires a char * argument, but not one that takes no arguments. main declares instance B, but no arguments are passed. Compiler generates C2512 because it cannot find a default constructor for B.

      // C2512.cpp// compile cl with: / W4 c2512.C2512 cpp// expectedstructure B   B (character *)   // Uncomment the path below to fix it.   // B ();int main ()   Bb; // C2512 - Requires a default constructor 

    You can solve this problem by setting a new default constructor for your structure, class, for example B () , for a constructor in which all factors have default values, for example, B (char * = nullptr) .

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    • 2 minutes. read

    I am installing Qt Creator 3.1.2 / Qt4.8.6 and CMake3.0.0. Please note that I am using API-Scenix in case you are worried about my CMakeLists, but txt is not affected. However, when I compile the user interface built with Creator qt, I get the following error:

      D:  Projects  C Projects  MyProjectName  ui  masterui.cpp: 6: Error: C2512: 'Ui :: MasterUI': Corresponding standard manufacturer number available 

    However, you can see that a standard constructor is available. These are always files created by Qt Creator and Setup by u The default for use in CMake. They can be easily changed despite experimenting, but by no means did they work.

    I’m going to split my masterui.h into masterui.cpp / CMakeLists.txt in this order.

      #ifndef MASTERUI_H#define MASTERUI_H#include Namespace user interfaceMasterUI class;MasterUI Class: Public QWidget    Q_OBJECTGeneral:    explicit MasterUI (QWidget * parent = 0);    ~ MasterUI ();Private:    Ui :: MasterUI * ui;;#endif // MASTERUI_H 
      #include "masterui.h"#include "ui_masterui.h"MasterUI :: MasterUI (QWidget * parent):   QWidget (parent),    ui (new user interface :: MasterUI)    ui-> setupUi (dies);MasterUI :: ~ MasterUI ()    remove the user interface; 
      cmmake_minimum_required (VERSION 2.6)Project (MyProjectName)File (TO_CMAKE_PATH $ ENVSCENIXHOME SCENIX_HOME)define (CMAKE_MODULE_PATH "$ SCENIX_HOME / CMake")define (CMAKE_RUNTIME_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY "../exe/MyProjectName_exe")define (CMAKE_LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY "../exe/MyProjectName_exe")File (sources GLOB        "src / *. cpp")File (GLOB header        "Customs Service")find_package (OpenGL REQUIRED)find_package (SceniX REQUIRED)find_package (NVQt4 QUIET)find_package (REQUIRED Qt4)install (TRUE qt_use_qtopengl)enable ($ QT_USE_FILE)SCENIX_SET_BINARY_FOLDERS ()QT4_ADD_RESOURCES (QT Resources)QT4_WRAP_UI (UIsrc "ui/ masterui.ui ")QT4_WRAP_CPP (MOCsrc "ui / masterui.h")ADD_EXECUTABLE (UIexe "src / main.cpp" "ui / masterui.cpp" $ MOCsrc $ UIsrc)File (GLOB UICsources        "$ CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR / *. UIC_SOURCES h")set ("$ UICsources")install (SCENIX_COMMON_BASE "$ SCENIX_HOME / samples / common")The file (GLOB uisources      "$ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / src / ui / *. Cpp")install (UI_SOURCES "$ uisources")install (MyProjectName_SOURCES $ sources   $ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / src / SimpleScene.cpp  $ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / src / MeshGenerator.cpp  $ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / src / SceneFunctions.cpp  $ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / src / SceniXWidget.cpp  $ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / Qt4 / src / SceniXQGLContext.cpp  $ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / Qt4 / src / SceniXQGLWidget.cpp  $ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / Qt4 / src / SceniXQGLSceneRendererWidget.cpp $ UI_SOURCES   $ UIC_SOURCES  $ QTResources  $ UICsources)set (MyProjectName_HEADERS  $ header  $ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / inc / SimpleScene.h  $ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / inc / MeshGenerator.h  $ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / inc / SceneFunctions.h  $ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / inc / SceniXWidget.h  $ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / Qt4 / inc / SceniXQGLContext.h  $ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / Qt4 / inc / SceniXQGLWidget.h  $ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / Qt4 / inc / SceniXQGLSceneRendererWidget.h)include_directories ($ SCENIX_INCLUDES $ SCENIXRT_INCLUDES)include_directories ()include_directories ("". ")include_directories ("on")include_directories ("$ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / inc")include_directories ("$ SCENIX_COMMON_BASE / Qt4 / inc")include_directories ("$ CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR")add_executable (MyProjectName  $ MySOURCES_ProjectName  $ MyProjectName_HEADERS)target_link_libraries (MyProjectName  $ QT_LIBRARIES  $ SCENIX_LIBS  $ SCENIXRT_LIBS  $ OPENGL_gl_LIBRARY  $ QT_QTMAIN_LIBRARY)if (ZIEL script)  add_dependencies (SceniX myprojectname SceniXRT)  add_perforce_to_target (MyProjectName)end if ()set_target_properties (MyProjectName "Samples" FOLDER PROPERTIES) 

      / ***************************************** ****** * ************************************** The form for reading the masterui.ui UI file.**** Created by: Qt User Compiler Interface App 4.8.6**** WARNING! Any changes made to this file will be lost when the user interface file is recompiled!************************************************ * * ***************************** /#ifndef UI_MASTERUI_H#define UI_MASTERUI_H#include #include #include #include #include #include QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACEUi_masterWidget classGeneral:    void setupUi (QWidget * masterWidget)            just in case (masterWidget-> objectName (). isEmpty ())            masterWidget-> setObjectName (QString :: fromUtf8 ("masterWidget"));        masterWidget-> resize (640, 360);        masterWidget-> setStyleSheet (QString :: fromUtf8 ("Background color: rgb (71, 71, 71);"));        retranslateUi (masterWidget);        QMetaObject :: connectSlotsByName (masterWidget);     // setupUi    undo retranslateUi (QWidget * masterWidget)            masterWidget-> setWindowTitle (QApplication :: translate ("masterWidget", "Form", 0, QApplication :: UnicodeUTF8));     // retranslateUi;Namespace user interface   MasterWidget class: Ui_masterWidget for the general public; // namespace UiQT_END_NAMESPACE#endif // UI_MASTERUI_H 

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