Recently, some of our users reported that they did not find the pid file.

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    The “File cannot find the PID of the MySql server” error occurs when MySQL cannot find the PID of the file. This also happens when MySQL development stops abruptly. Because the exercise does not complete successfully, the PID file does not match.

    This question is a bit old, but I thought I’d provide some information on how I resolved this issue if it might be happening to me on my current (OS mac X El Capitan 10.11.4).

    mysql.server state

    ERROR! Getting MySQL but PID file cannot be found

    ps auxiliary | grep mysql

    It will list everything that was processed by mysql (including the command you just ran)

    How do I update a PID file?

    Restart the MySQL service to schedule a server shutdown without updating the PID file.Delete the MySQL configuration file or start over.Check the ownership of the /var/lib/mysql/ directory.Delete error files.Check if this MySQL error file is logging.upgrade to the latest version of MySQL.


    Where is MySQL PID file?

    PID dataThe databases in the MySQL data directory are gone, forever and MySQL will not need to behave. The default mysql data website is /var/lib/mysql/. You can find out the ".in err" files of MySQL directory information.


    This block> should print all

    Can’t connect to MySQL server socket?

    First, check if the mysqld service is running. Otherwise, run its case instead:Instead, they try to connect to from localhost. When connecting, localhost will use the outgoing port, but if you actually use the my.cnf file.symbolic link.

    mysql processes starts mysql.block> server

    start at . SUCCESS!

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    This worked for JasperSoft me Uninstall-mysql-mac-os-x wiki -. I ran into uninstalling mysql, then removing duplicate content, then reinstalling files ALL and following the instructions to create a homebrew file

    There is a great description of their solution in the idea Href=”https://medium post to support .

    $mysql state.serverERRORS! The pid file of a non-mysql machine can find mysql!

    pid file not found

    $.serverERRORS! Could not find sending MySQL server PID!
    $ ps E Vitamin | grep mysql24836 ttys001 0:00.03 /bin/sh Ttys001 /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld_safe24920 0:01.04 /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld24946 ttys001 0:00.MySQL
    $01 grep -9 end 24836$ -9 kill 24920
    Start $mysql.serverStart MySQL SUCCESS!

    I’m having a problem where MySQL won’t start on my own QNAP NAS.

    pid file not found

    I discovered this because I couldn’t easily login to phpMyAdmin at first – Insert Error:

    #2002 You cannot connect to the MySQL server

    I then tried to start mysql, assuming it was a common problem, but that gave me a new generic error. .I have .

    How do I know if MySQL is running on my Mac?

    After a full installation, go to the settings with the system Mysql search.If you open it, you will see that mysql is already running on the server. addand here the paths the person wants, one line at a time. Exists/usr/local/mysql/bin from:

    I did the troubleshooting for the .MySQL database, the .sock file, and everything else.I changed all permissions but nothing works.

    At some point, I restarted mysql. I get:

    ERROR! MySQL broker fx file or server pid just not found!

    I’m doing something other than QNAP or the usual solution. Everything I can seem to find is related to OSX.


    asked July 2, 2013 at 11:50 am


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    Pid 파일을 찾을 수 없습니다
    Arquivo Pid Nao Encontrado
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    Fichier Pid Introuvable
    Pid Filen Hittades Inte
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    File Pid Non Trovato
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    Archivo Pid No Encontrado

    How To Handle PID File Not Found?
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