Over the past few days, some of our users have reported that they have stumbled upon a green Winamp skin.

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    > itemprop = “title”> Skins Stylish
    Skin introduced, November 6, 2003

    green! very green! green ! This approach is a color mod with Bionica v2 (http://classic.winamp.com/components/detail.jhtml?componentId=134364) with Bionica v1 schema coloring. I dream that you will like it.

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    Bionica timeless v2 green - Recommended skin, November 6, 2003

    Employee Assessment

    It’s still what you just breathed a lot kind

    But I really like the other color scheme, much better.


    One of the best. – I have been using this skin from time to time since its release. – September 5, 2005, Robert Norton.

    Great! – It’s very nice 🙂 Practiced. Goes very well as long as you enjoy Death Metal hehe – February 11, 2005 by Luanne McMurry.

    FAT !!! “This is the most oily color I’ve seen. I love the way you see 3D.X Nice game! December 27, 2004, Jarred Rudolph

    green winamp skin

    So good quality is the craziest wa 2.x version I’ve ever seen. – March 26, 2004, Taber Buhl

    phat1 Super – skin, you did it by accident. – December 16, 2003 Henrik von Asenklint

    beautiful skin is very revolutionary and the colors are wonderful. – December 15, 2003 Nikki from c

    Rzecz dobra bardzo, wielce … – Who? rzec mo? na? Bardzo skin, dark beer Dobry czy nie podlatuje lekko dresem? – December 15, 2003, Meeqoo Bro

    Ok, I really like this. I haven’t used Silence other than a great skin. Most of all, of course, I am green, and the business meets the demand. Good game! – December 14, 2003 Le Silence.

    Yes !!! – Wonderful. Like! – December 13, 2003 in the case of Oleg Snegov

    smooth player – like some kind of oily – December 10, 2003, simple anupam jain

    HELP! … … ! ! – You have nothing behind the skin of emptiness,If yes, please send it to me! [email address is being protected] – November 29, 2003 by altair4444.

    is ok – but not like the original. The head in the equalizer was cool, but absolutely good in all its skin – November 26, 2003, Ilya Slavchev

    Push every llama’s ass! – Rulesa! Very good m8 !!! – November 24, 2003, Lukasz Marchignak

    Green is not your enemy – it is you. Green shouldn’t be your enemy. I think I feel it because I am a very special Irish child. Green has been my favorite color since childhood. Nothing seemed beautiful to us without green color. In fact, this skin looks better than Simon’s skin in our oral communication course. This girl is standing next to our class, and he always talks about her behind her. Hell. He doesn’t even know her. He was probably listening to this Bosnian fan … or whatever your name is. Either way, this Bosnian woman suddenly feels like she is lagging behind everyone else. For him, looking at Simon now is foolish enough for Simon to believe him. I can practically hear what he says about her. Especially in appearance. Who gives some crap! I have no problem with this, and I also should not, like the rest of the world, Simon and Admir, stop trying to confuse the rest of the modern world with my hatred of this type of girl. If they hate her, that’s their problem. This man from the Admir has already spoken to another Bosnian from our class.Accounting department II. That each of our blonde hairs. I bet the main reason they never abandoned their large families in this class was because the company was too busy with him. Dude … I’m telling you … Simon, Admir, this one, and that’s why the blonde Bosnians don’t know this girl yet. As she always said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover … especially if you haven’t read it.” My advice is to join. This girl did nothing to consumers. No shit. She is currently attending school with an associate computer science degree and a G.P.A. which is more than 3.0. The last thing she needs to make people like her is to stick to her method, which is like a series of hellish trials, and try to get rid of it. These guys … especially Simon … were in real trouble. And I mean A LOT. I speak on behalf of all of us, although I speak ….. YOU ARE ALL MEN ARE HAVE TOOK OUT !!!! To be honest … I think you sleep with two others. Good job for your skin type anyway. – November 14, 2002, c / o ’04

    What a handsome guy! – I downloaded toneus skins, but registering on these sites for the first time. Simple – so I can imagine this skin. Ready! Competent – November 13, 2003, John Edwards

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    Wow, thanks for the feature! – November 13, 2003 by 883 [Elevage]

    Cool Skin – Very nice skin. Very clear details and graphics. I like it. Actually I like it more than the other, but that’s because I use the silver edge better than citrus or whatever color I’ve used for the other.If you enjoy creating skins, consider using this template as a new template (keeping the steel frame) and simply changing the color of a part of the screen (the green part of it). – November 11, 2003 a month.

    Como siempre … – Great! I already have Crime Palabras! Quiero mas de estos! – November 8, 2003 Veronica Mogni

    God !!! – Aecaei ioee? Iue, ii oy ?? catcher? Eoah? Where? Yeah. A – eeee ?? ii !!! – November 8, 2003 by Salamander …

    very very beautiful skin! – maybe a little depressing colors (less contrast), so overall very nice !! – Important November 2003 by (lenx (L)

    Congratulations on the many achievements. – Keep it up, family member. – November 8, 2003, Andreas Nilsson

    Beautiful colors, high technology, beautiful style and design. As in the previous version … – November 7, 2003, Imre Benedek

    This is good! – This skin is compiled by: D, perfect for me … How is everyone in blue ?? It is better? Practically not, I don’t think so … goodbye. – October 31, 2003 Daniel K.

    green winamp skin

    Awesome – I give this skin over 2000 Superstars skins. Dude .. I’m digging your flesh .. do you have more? – October 29, 2003 by Lolo


    Improve the speed and performance of your computer today by downloading this software - it will fix your PC problems.

    Groene Winamp Huid
    Pelle Verde Winamp
    Peau De Winamp Verte
    Gron Winamp Hud
    Piel De Winamp Verde
    Pele De Winamp Verde
    Grune Winamp Haut
    Zelenyj Winamp Skin
    그린 윈앰프 스킨
    Zielona Skorka Winampa

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