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    If you have Windows Server 2000 event ID 6008 installed on your computer, this User Guide will help you fix it. Event ID 6008 error can be caused when the computer has been shut down using a remote shutdown tool or effectively a third-party program without user prompting. This error can affect any version of Windows, for example from Windows XP to Windows 10, and occurs for several reasons.

    event id 6008 windows server 2000

    Source: Event Log
    Type: Error
    The previous closing of the circle on the date of
    was unexpected.

    What is the event ID for unexpected shutdown?

    Event ID 6008 is logged in the system event log when the system shuts down unexpectedly. You will see the message “The previous system shutdown on the specified date was unexpected.”

    The shutdown process is automatically started by a program that uses the InitiateSystemShutdownEx function with a force flag.

    For example, use the Remote Shutdown Tool (Shutdown.exe) from the Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit to force a shutdown of a specific computer from a remote computer, or to create a time to shutdown a local computer using Shutdown. exe combined with the at Task or Scheduler command.

    A supported feature that modifies product defaults can be purchased from Microsoft. However, this feature is only intended to change the character described in this article. Only apply this great feature to systems that clearly need it.

    Although this feature is generally available for download, there is a downloadable fixes available at the beginning of this short KB article. If you see this section, please contact Microsoft Customer Support to obtain this feature.

    Note. If you have additional problemss or require more detailed troubleshooting, you may need to create a separate service request. For additional questions or issues that do not qualify for this feature, normal support fees will apply. For a complete description of Microsoft Customer Service and Support telephone numbers or a separate service request, see the current Microsoft website at:

    For additional reports on using the Remote Shutdown Tool (Shutdown.exe) to directly shutdown, shutdown, and restart a nearby Windows 2000-based or remote computer, see the article number below to view the article in Microsoft. Knowledge base:

    317371 How to use Remote Shutdown in conjunction with restarting a Windows 2000 computer

    For more information on how to fix multiple fixes in one restart, click the mobile number in the article to view the article Definitely in the M Knowledge Baseicrosoft:

    event id 6008 windows server 2000

    296861 How to deploy multiple Windows updates or fixes in one restart

    For more information, see the article number to find the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    883635 Your Windows 2000 Server computer may not shut down properly after starting Windows Logon Interface Saver

    Event ID 6008
    Source Event Log
    Description The previous system shutdown on% 1 on% 2 was fundamentally unexpected.
    Event Information According to Microsoft
    Reason 1:
    This time is recorded during the boot process after an unexpected restart or shutdown. Many systems cannot predict restart or shutdown, for example if the user presses the reset button on the computer or disconnects the cable.Whether or not the Permanent Timestamp Business Policy setting is configured,System information is included in the data section of this event. This information includes each timestamp that indicates the time the computer was turned on just before the unexpected shutdown.

    One or more of the following habits can help determine the cause of the unexpected shutdown:

    * Check the system event log frequently for other events occurring around the same time as the unexpected shutdown.
    * Find out if the computer restart button was pressed, the power cord was unplugged, or there was a general power failure.
    * Configure Windows to recall system dump errors and return this data to Microsoft related to debugging with Windows Error Reporting.
    Remote shutdown issue with system shutdown init has been resolved in Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Edition, Server Service Pack Many (SP4). This fix caused this issue.

    What is the event ID for server reboot?

    Windows Server Event: 1074 Very often, this event is logged when an application typically triggers a system restart, or when the user typically initiates a restart or shutdown by clicking Start or pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL and then clicking Shut Down.

    To resolve this issue, install all the latest Service Packs for Windows NT Server, version 4.0, Terminal Server Edition. For more informationClick on clicks, upcoming article number 152734.

    Referral links ID “Event 6008 is unexpectedly logged to help you with the system event log after shutting down and restarting the computer

    Improper shutdown is reported in most system logs in Event Viewer

    Incorrect shutdown is reported in Event Viewer

    It is reported that Windows NT Server 4.0 Terminal Server Edition restarted unexpectedly

    Your Windows 2000 Server mobile computer may crash after launching the Windows Connection Saver Phone screen

    Windows operating system (EventLog)

    Event ID: log 6008

    What is 600 event ID PowerShell?

    EID seven hundred: Indicates that vendors such as WSMan are starting to physically move PowerShell into the system, such as “Starting WSMan Provider”. EID 403: Engine status changes from Available to Stopped. This event logs the completion of a PowerShell action.

    Article: 152734 Source: Event Getting max good news from the latest Windows NT 4.0 Service Packs

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    Identyfikator Zdarzenia 6008 Serwer Windows 2000

    How To Troubleshoot Windows Server 2000 Event ID Error 6008
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