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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported that they have come across bsod 00021a. Most of the time, error 0xc000021a occurs when users upgrade their operating system to Windows 10. This BSOD error prevents users from starting their laptop properly. There are several reasons why you are facing this problem. Your devices may interfere with the boot process.

    In the article below, I will show you how to fix the usual purple screen of death with error code 0xc000021a.

    This Windows shutdown policy 0xc000021a may appear at random times and you will lose all unsaved executions if it does.

    When your car reaches this stop code, you will see the following blue screen. Do you need to restart your company computer to fix a specific error? src = “” srcset = “”>

    Windows Stop code 10 0xc00021a

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    Causes And Symptoms Of Stop Code 0xc000021a

    bsod 00021a

    Stop code 0xc000021a is an error on a production Windows 10 system where your computer crashes on a blue screen and everyone loses unsaved data and has to restart your computer.

    The error occurs due to the fact that your staffMy computer had a memory write problem and didn’t know what to do, and this resulted in a blue screen of death.

    The most common causes were incorrectly configured software or device drivers, or there was a file corruption error on your current system.

    Whatever the reason for this system shutdown, we can easily fix it.

    How To Fix Stop Code 0xc000021a In Windows 10

    To fix stop prefix 0xc000021a in Windows 10, follow these steps

    1. Insert the Windows 10 DVD into the system path.
    2. Boot from DVD. (If your system doesn’t have a large DVD drive, you can download a good Windows 10 ISO from and create a bootable USB drive.)
    3. First of all, click Troubleshoot on screen.
    4. Then click Advanced Options.
    5. Then click Command Prompt.
    6. A really black window pops up in chkdsk C: / f / r window type. Specifically, this will run chkdsk on your system, which / f = fixes hard drive errors, and / r detects recovery and bad sectorsa. If your household has a Yes / No answer, type it and press Enter. Now restart your host computer and hopefully it starts up fine.

    Other Ways To Fix 0xc000021a

    bsod 00021a

    If any of the above programs didn’t work for you, we have many other fixes that might work, which are indexed below

    Start Repair

    If the previous method didn’t work, we’ll need to perform a Full Startup Repair for Windows 10. Reboot the Windows 10 DVD. On the very first screen, you’ll see a click to troubleshoot.

    Startup Repair will create the program, scan your Windows Ten computer, and fix any startup problems it finds. When the recovery is complete, remove the Windows 10 DVD from your system and restart it.

    Disable Mandatory Vehicle Owner Signature

    Methods 1 and 2 should solve 99% of Windows Ten 0xc000021a startup problems, but if you are still having problems, we can always suggest a few more suitable things for you. Boot from DVD with Windows 10.

    ForThen click Disable Driver Signing Application. Then click on restart. Keep an eye on the location and move on to the next period when BSOD 0xc000021a will no doubt be resolved.

    Remove Recently Installed Software

    It is possible that recently installed software is causing the warning code 0xc000021a to appear on your computer.

    What critical process died?

    If a critical Windows Ten Stop Code process turns out to be dead, it means that the process that seemed necessary to start the system is caused by damaged or missing exercise files, faulty device drivers, virus attack, compatibility issues, bad sectors, etc.

    Repeat the steps in Method 3, but on this final screen, instead of uninstalling the driver signing application, select Enable Safe and Protected Mode, and then select Restart. Hopefully your wonderful startup machine will run on this Windows 10 desktop. When he clicks on the Start menu, teaches Programs, then selects Programs and therefore Features.

    The following window will open. Sort programs after installation. Remove as many newly created applications as possible. Now look at “View installed updates” on the left side of this window. This shows you a new operating system update that was installed at the same time. Againuninstall all recent updates.

    If you have uninstalled many installed applications / updates, please reboot your system.

    Run SFC Scan

    How do I fix stop error code?

    Reboot your computer. The first solution is simply the simplest and most obvious: restore your computer.Run SFC and CHKDSK. SFC and CHKDSK are Windows system utilities that can be used to maintain a damaged file system.Update Windows 10.

    Repeat the simple tips from Method 5 and boot into Safe Mode here. Now click the start menu and type cmd, then right click on the program you want and select Run as administrator, when the black window appears, type sfc / scannow and type hit. This command scans all protected, replaced and corrupted files submitted by the system, with their corresponding cached copies located in a compressed folder under the% WinDir% System32 dllcache folder. When the scan is complete, restart your computer.

    Run DISM Scan

    Repeat the instructions in Method 6, but except for running the sfc / scannow command in the current cmd window, type DISM / online / cleanup-image / restorehealth and hit Hit. This checks the Windows updates installed for each service for package corruption issues. After scanning is complete, restart your computer.

    Update Device Drivers

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    Sometimes another driver the device turns out to be damaged or has an error, the end result of which may be the stop code 0xc000021a. Follow these steps to update your device.

    Reinstall The Device Driver

    How do I get the blue screen troubleshooter?

    On Windows 10, you can connect the Blue Screen Troubleshooter through Settings> Update & Security> Troubleshoot. Run it and see if it can fix your problem. WedThe troubleshooter asks for event messages for the new last week, interprets similar check codes, and checks to see if the cause was at home: device drivers.

    Updating the driver should fix the problem, but in most cases, if the driver is damaged, it must be removed during reinstallation. To do this, follow these steps.

    • Open Device Manager (click Start, so to speak in Device Manager and press Enter). Now expand the driver that is causing the problem, right-click the device and select Uninstall. Device…
    • If the driver has been removed, turn on the computer. This will completely remove the driver from your system.
    • The golf club should install automatically after restarting Windows ten times.
    • Return to Device FX Broker, right-click the device and select Update Driver. Follow the update instructions.

    Run Windows Update

    There was always the possibility that the code would take time. Error 0xc000021a was patched in some kind of Windows 10 update. We will select the latest Windows 10 updates to make sure our system has the latest updates as usual.

    1. Click Start
      alt = “”>
    2. Then click Update & Security
    3. Now click Windows Updates and then Check for Updates.
    4. Current Windows updates will now be automatically downloaded and installed
    5. Restart your computer

    If your hardware still crashes on the maroon screen of death and shows part of the error 0xc000021a, we can update Windows 10 to the latest feature update.

    Updating Windows Features

    Go to the latest version (feature updates are currently version 1903). To do this, follow these steps

    Windows 10 has an improved blue screen troubleshooter that we can use to troubleshoot the crash with stop code 0xc000021a in the blue section. Follow a few steps to use the tool.

    • Click the start menu and select the Settings application.
    • Click Aboutupdate and security.
    • Click Troubleshoot
    • in the left menu corresponding to

    • In the Blue Screen section, click Run the troubleshooter
    • Now follow some instructions.
    • The tool will now scan your own system and make the necessary fixes automatically.
    • Restart your computer.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    System Restore can usually resolve Stop 0xc000021a as a code if the primary restore point is located before someone’s computer starts getting that blue screen of death. We recommend that you try all the fixes in this article before attempting an appropriate system restore.

    If you have a blue screen of death, you will lose all unsaved jobs that were open at the time of the crash. Blue screen crashes, it doesn’t affect software or hardware.

    How to fix stop code 0xc000021a in an infinite boot loop

    To fix why the machine is displaying stop path 0xc000021a and is in an infinite loopThat is, first try removing the new external device from your system. Then try turning on your computer. Create this Windows 10 recovery CD

    To fix all 0xc000021a stop codes, you need to update all device drivers to the latest versions. If your family is still having problems after doing this, users will need to run chkdsk.

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